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 Welcome to the Municipality of Ramallah’s Geographic Information System website. Here you are able to view and interact with several of our web applications. These applications are geared for a number of functions such as land use decision making as well as tourism. Our applications have also integrated the new addressing system (the first in Palestine) in order to allow a citizen to find directions within the city. We hope that our website will benefit you with whatever you choose to do in Ramallah. The role of GIS is to use data to create maps that can be retrieved and analyzed quickly and efficiently. The data is updated as changes happen in real time, and therefore is portrayed accurately. The municipality of Ramallah has endeavored to bring GIS utility to the citizens of Ramallah by supplying various web applications through the website

There are a number of benefits both to citizens and private business that come with the implementation of a GIS program, based on the premise that it provides an open information exchange with the public. The following are just some benefits of GIS to the citizens of Ramallah:
-        The tourist application, which is available both in Arabic and English, shows many areas of interest within Ramallah. It also allows the user to find directions within the city. This can be done multiple ways such as: street address, landmark name, or even a point placed on the application itself. The application is not ed to two location points. Multiple locations can be input, and the route can be optimized based on the shortest distance to reach all points.
-        The municipal mapping tool allows citizens and businesses to search for parcels they are interested in. The information gained pertains to land use, parcel area and shape. Land owners also have the option to obtain a user name and password from the Municipality that will give them further insight to parcels that are owned by them.
-        The feedback application allows citizens to give us specific locations for any suggestions or complaints in regards to things such as malfunctioning city assets ( for example: streetlights, sewage pipes, garbage pileups)